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Is Astrology a Science ?
In the dictionary meaning of Astrology is "THE ART OF JUDGING OCCULT INFLUENCES OF STARS UPON HUMAN AFFAIRS." In Sanskrit it is "FAL JYOTISH" and meaning of SCIENCE means "A SYSTEMATIC KNOWLEDGE", so a systematic knowledge of astrology is a Science.
Simple meaning of Jyotish is ?
Jyotish means Jyot- Ish. Jyot means Light & Ish means God, so we can say Light of God.
Is there any difference between Astrology & Jyotish ?
No, absolutely no. In Western countries it is known as Astrology, in India we say Jyotish.
Astrology is related to Stars ?
Yes. It is related to Physics(Astro), Astronomy and Bio-medical Sciences.
What is Horoscopes ?
Horoscope is a Map of your Structure, its a Mirror and a a Scientific tool to diagnose everything.
What is Medical Astrology ?
Knowledge of astrology and medicine is required (to diagnose diseases through horoscope and a cure through medicine) in medical astrology.
Is there any relation or co-relation between Astrology-Vastu & Fengshui ?
Yes, Twelve Zodiac Signs in astrology and 12 "Earthly" branches in Fengshui have corelations with Five elements of Vastu.refer box chart. These three subjects are closely related and interwined.
What is Feng Shui ?
Feng Shui means Wind and Water. In other words it is the art of reading the environment, the site and the specific location in order to find harmony on earth. In other words it has evolved into a refined art used to enhance luck and well being through the modifications of layout and laylines and magnetic fields and orientation of work places and homes. (with drawings)
What type of Negative influences one feels, when houses and offices are not built in accord with natural law ?
Anxiety, depression, illness, chronic disease, blocks to creativity, bad luck,financial loss, obstacles in many ways to progress and success, disharmony in relationships, antisocial behavior and loss of reputation name & fame.
What types of Positive influences does one feels, when houses and offices are built in accord with natural law ?
More energy & less fatigue, sound sleep & peace of mind & less stress, think more clearly and creatively, makes better decisions, feel happier and healthier, feels more alert and refreshed thorough the day and feels satisfaction in every way Hence gain of happiness in all-round mind ,body and soul.
What is Vastu Shastra ?
The science which deals with the construction of houses,places, temple and town is called vastu shastra. Vastu means the dwelling of Humans and Gods. (with drawings)
What is Cosmic Energy ?
The name and understanding of Cosmic Energy are as under: Hindus call it Prana, Chinese call it C' Hi, Japanese call it Kl,
Christians call it Spirit and Muslims call it RUH.