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He is a recipient of the following Titles & Awards; Ph.D. in Medical Astrology & Five Times Gold Medallist. Astrologer Dr. Sudhir Shah is felicitated all over India and abroad, also conferred upon him more than 20 titles, Namely a few like "Jyotish Acharya", "Daivagna Bhushan", "Jyotish Maharshi" ,"Vishva Jyotish Samrat - 91" and a Holy Title conferred as "Vishvaadhiyatmik aati Maha Param Jagad Guru".

Also blessed by the hands of Jagadguru Shankarachariya Swami Madhawashramji Maharaj of Badrikashram.

Years Titles and awards
1981 Jyotish Bhushan
1984 Jyotish Bhaskar
1985 Daivagna Ratna
1985 Devgna Bhushan
1985 Jyotish Ratna
1985 Hora Martand
1987 Jyotish Acharya
1989 Jyotish Martand
1990 Jyotish Ratna
1989 Doctor of Spiritual Healing
1991 Jyotish Siddhanta Bharti
1991 Jyotish Maharshi
1991 Vishwa Jyotish Samrat
1991 Excellence Award (Giants)
1993 Samaj Shree Award
1996 Daivagna Maharshi
1996 Master of Astrology & Allied Sciences
1997-98 Outstanding District Chairman
1999 Great Indian Achievers
2000 Gems of New Millennium Award - New Delhi MSPI
2000-2001 Millennium Award, Outstanding District Chairman Award by Lions Club International Dist. 323A1

Lionistic Career & Achievements.

Joined Lionism in 1992. Became a MJF in 1995. On 25 November 1996 he became a Charter President of Lions Club of Mumbai Sea Pearls. Winner of 100% Attendance Award, 100% International President's Award. During 1997-98 appointed as District Cabinet Chairman for Astrological Awareness Committee. And won Outstanding District Chairman Award. Again in 2000-2001 appointed as District Chairman for Astrology - Vastu & Feng Shui & he won outstanding District Chairman Administration Millennium Award 2000-2001. He was interested in Cow Feeding project and Cancer Awareness Projects and during his lionistic career he has organised more than 7000 Cataract Surgery ( motia bindu ).