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As per Niryan System (Hindu Vedic System of Astrology) of Astrology, Moon has to be considered in your horoscope. If Gochar Moon (Transit), Current Moon passes on your (Birth) Natal Moon, then the result will be as per the chart. Normally Moon stays Two and Half day in one Rashi (Sign of Zodiac)

1st Moon Fruitful, Journey, Earnings, Favorable Events
2nd Moon Self Satisfaction, Normal day, Happy News, Mental Harmonys, Good in General
3rd Moon Good For Wealth & Property, Good day, for Out coming results & Income, positive.
4th Moon Quarrel some day, disrespect, disputes, useless arguments, misbehaviour.
5th Moon New knowledge, Welcoming Guests & friends & relatives, Exchange of views.
6th Moon Good News, Progress, Health.
7th Moon Benefit through government, Healthy & benefit from opposite side.
8th Moon Injurious day, Accident, Defeat, Critical action, Disharmoney.
9th Moon Religious, Benefit from friends & Government, Success.
10th Moon Name - Fame - Victory, good news, success in understanding.
11th Moon Mangalkari day - Earnings, Benefits, Income
12th Moon Mental Agony, Restless Day, Unhappiness, Displeasure, Loss.