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In India, Hindus believe in the Moon Signs, in Western Country they believe in the Sun Signs. In China, the Chinese people believe in Animal Signs.

In the Hindu system of Astrology(Nirayan) Moon Stays in One (Sign) rashi for 2 and a half days. In Western System of Astrology (Sayan) The Sun stays in one rashi (Sign) for one Month and in China, Chinese System of Astrology Animal Stays in one raashi (Sign) for one Year. So to complete one full Zodiac Signs (12 signs X 30 degree = 360 degree) round, Chinese astrology takes 12 Years of time & Sayan System Sun takes One Year to cover all signs and in Niryan System Moon takes 28 to 30 days to cover all signs.

In my belief moon sign is more effective, because thoughts are controlled by the Moon, Mind is controlled by the Moon, your emotional, feelings are attached to Mind. Moon Sign is the key to your emotional aspects. It highlights the thoughts,feelings & emotional needs. Moon represents your emotions. Moon has an effect on the ocean tides, therefore, it is no wonder that since we (human beings) are composed of about Seventy Percent Water, that the moon effects our bodies and our emotions. The moon signs are to be given more importance in Hindu Niryan System of Astrology. Aries Moon Sign & Aries Sun Signs are totally different. Please do not mix it up. Sun represents soul, Moon represents mind. Body represents of all five elements.

If you want to know about Mind + Body + Soul = Mantra + Yantra + Tantra Click here

Moon Signs
Sun Signs
Chinese Zodiac
Fixed Elements
in Chinese
Hours Ruled by Chinese Zodiac Direction of Sign in Chinese Zodiac Sign Year Ruled by Chinese Zodiac Sign
Mesha Aries Dragon Wood 7 am to 9 am East - South East 2012
Vrishabha Taurus Snake Fire 9 am to 11 am South - South East 2013
Mithun Gemini Horse Fire 11 am to 1 pm Directly South 2002
Karka Cancer Sheep(Goat) Fire 1 pm to 3 pm South - South West 2003
Simha Leo Monkey Metal 3 pm to 5 pm West - South West 2004
Kanya Virgo Rooster (Peacock) Metal 5 pm to 7 pm Directly West 2005
Tula Libra Dog Metal 7 pm to 9 pm West - North West 2006
Vruschika Scorpio Boar (Pig) Water 9 pm to 11 pm North - North West 2007
Dhanu Sagittarius Rat Water 11 pm to 1 am Directly North 2008
Makar Capricorn Ox Water 1 am to 3 am North - North East 2009
Kumbha Aquarius Tiger Wood 3 am to 5 am East - North East 2010
Meena Pisces Rabbit Wood 5 am to 7 am Directly East 2011