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I, astrologer Dr Sudhir Shah guarantee that the horoscope details, prediction and client identity will be kept confidential and no direct or or indirect use of this information will be made except for the explicit purpose of communication with the client.

Please note that astrological prediction is the opinion of the astrologer based on the astrologer's learning, training and experience. Opinions of two astrologers might differ. The horoscope, predictions or opinions you receive from me should not be used as substitute for the opinions, advice or treatment or otherwise from a licensed professionals as lawyers, accountants, doctors and others.

My site is based on many books, publications and ancient scriptures on astrology and related subjects which I have learnt and acquired an expertise of However, I make no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any aspect and cannot be responsible for any interpretations or use that may be made of it.

If you have any specific questions or would like any information about these please feel free to contact me.

- Astrologer Dr Sudhir Shah